So, about meeting Nisha. It was AWESOME. What a huge responsibility, and it's amazing how much my life, my outlook, my values and whats important to me, have changed, even in the last 48 hours. Those of you that know me well, that have dealings with me on a regular basis, be prepared for a very different person indeed. I'm sure the changes are far from finished, they will be gradual, but life is going to be very different, and there are definitely some immediate changes that need to be made, and quickly.

My defining moment: Nisha started to cry, so I picked her up and rocked her, sang a little to her, walked around. She quieted down almost immediately, stared into my eyes, and slowly fell asleep. Game over, right there. The world went away; everything thats been bothering me over the past couple of months, the X nonsense, work problems, everything, they just seemed so much less important than what I was holding in my arms, and making sure she has the best possible life she can.

I so want to be a good Dad. I hope I am.