Haven't checked in sans poetry in a bit. For those of you that come here to actually know about me from non-cryptic prose, here's an update:

Life is still pretty challenging, but I've met some pretty inspiring people lately(one in particular), and am trying to make plans to get my shit together. Not that I need more impetus to do that, but it's inspiring to watch good people bear down and get stuff done, without being ruthless or hurtful.

So, I just wanted to say: Emma, I'm very glad I met you. You're a beautiful friend, a beautiful person, a beautiful soul, a beautiful girl. I think we met each other at precisely the right time, when we both needed a friend with the qualities that each of us provide. Of course, this is my opinion, but I think you feel the same way. I've enjoyed our conversations lately more than I have with anyone in a long time. I needed to rediscover the 'conversational artist' within, and you helped find him. I know, this flattery is making you blush right now and feel uncomfortable, so I won't continue any further. But I thought you needed to know this.

Also, Emma had a spare bike, so she gave me her old one. I had forgotten the fun and freedom it allows. I haven't ridden a bike in over a decade!! It's hard on my knees and my ass, but I love it! I already feel an improvement in my cardio, in my blood flow. It's inspiring me to curb the smoking again, get back on the road to quitting. Of course, I've rediscovered a taste for Tequila and Southern Comfort(not together), so replace one vice with another, right?

Actually, I feel like my heart is letting go finally, and I'm losing another vice. Yay.

Apart from that, I'm just making some plans. Tentatively, and slowly, but the engine is moving again, shaking off the rust. I'm planning on attending some night school courses this September at a local High School. One of the classes I plan on taking is French, which I've historically had a blindspot for, had a very hard time learning. I'm not bad at learning conversational French, if someone teaches me a phrase or two. But writing and reading it, knowing what words are masculine or feminine, conjugating verbs = a nightmare for me. But maybe now that I'm older and (marginally)more disciplined…at any rate, it's part of my long term plan to persue post secondary education, but I haven't been a student for so long, I thought I'd start with baby steps.

Finally, wrapping my head around some art projects…some pop art kind of stuff, as I don't have a lot of talent when it comes to creating traditional visual art(painting and drawing). If I actually get that off the ground, I'll take some pics and get them up.

Nisha is growing SO fast!! But she's such an adorable little angel. I truly love her. I miss her. I don't see her nearly enough...

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