Ok, gotta say, pretty drunk.

The Mod Club is a BEAUTIFUL space. Oh my god. I went to the club we're playing next week and dropped off some flyers, and then I met my friend Isabelle for the Esthero concert at The Mod. Funny enough, started hearing the theme song to "A Different World" in my head. What a dream that club would be to pack and play. Of course, the downside is the DISGUSTING price of drinks. 2 Tequila's and 2 Pints of Caffreys? $30!! Glad I was splitting rounds...

Esthero(Jenny to her friends...ok, acquaintances...ok, people that met her twice) is so natural on stage, and has such a commanding voice. I was totally enraptured. Fantastic show, even though she (sadly)didn't play that long.

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