If I ever fall in love again, it's going to be with the girl from the movies. The one that was mad at her love, and tells him to leave forever, and then rethinks it. So, she goes in search of him, carrying some touchstone of his, or important thing that he needs. And when she sees him, she drops all that stuff and rushes to him and jumps into his arms. I want to fall in love with the girl that is so happy to see me that she drops her shit in the street.

Of course, this person is a myth, but it's a nice myth. Nevertheless, I will tie myself in knots to make sure she never stops feeling that way.

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Anonymous said...

It's something I keep reminding myself of day in and day out. The woman that I always dreamed of landed in my lap and I need to make sure I never let her feel taken for granted.
It's a lot of work but suddenly it's not so much work and even if it is... it's enjoyable and worth it.

Captain Charming