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Wow, that date seems so futuristic. I was sure we'd have ray guns and teleportation devices by now. Or at least a Tim Hortons on the Moon. Oh well, maybe by 2006...

Our show last night was MUCH better than expected. The turnout was really good, a lot better than anticipated. Good crowd, good fun. We played shorter than we thought, due to Baron being REALLY sick, and a chest congestion causing my voice to blow a tire by about 1AM. But still, a good way to greet the new year, surrounded by friends. I tried to get around to everyone and thank them in person for choosing to share their New years with us, but in case I missed you, thanks to everyone who came out and made last night a good time! And thanks to those of you that donated to our Tsunami Relief Fund last night. I haven't been told how much we raised, but every little bit helps.

So, what a year 2004 was. DAMN, what a year. It started off innocuous enough, but as regular readers of this blog know, it quickly became a surreal nightmare, due to my coke-head ex-girlfriend and her sycophantic "friends". But when I look back on the year, I really see her as the ONLY negative. A very VERY LARGE negative, of ecliptic proportions, but still, really the only one. I'm going to focus on the positives.

I became a father this year. Wow, that's crazy, and easily the biggest thing that ever happened to me. And the best. Nisha will be one year old on February 6th, and she is a complete angel. She and her mother Maire are very well(apart from Nisha being sick for the first time over Christmas, poor kid), and Maire and I are very good friends. She got engaged on Christmas Eve, and I couldn't be happier for her. So, where that situation could've been and could be very awkward and negative, so far it's been nothing but 'puppy dogs and ice cream'. Resolution #1 for 2005: Keep it that way.

I also became an Uncle this year. My brother Rob had his first child, a son named Asher. I met my nephew over Christmas, and he's adorable. Looks like Winston Churchill, but all babies do until they're 4 months or so.

My sister Candace moved back from New Zealand this Christmas and is staying for the foreseeable future. Since Rob moved out to BC, it's nice to have a little more family close by, and I missed my sister. I know that my parents did too and they were so excited to have the whole family under one roof this Christmas. They were like little kids, it was great.

I fell in love again, near the end of the year. And for that, I thank a lot of people. My entire life, I've had a paramount respect for women for what they go through day in and day out. The thing that I hated the most about my break up was that it was so vicious and vindictive and deceitful on her part, it made me a bit misogynistic for about 3 months. I hated women, didn't trust a single one. Then, I met a lot of women that changed my mind, made me realize that this one tired little girl wasn't worth changing who I was, or how I felt, or my philosophies. So, to all of you I thank you, because without you, I wouldn't have met Kristie. And Kristie makes me very very happy, and I know that I make her happy too, which is even better.

Work is certainly looking up. Well, it's looking better anyway. I've become quite the salesman, selling more Blackberry's than anyone in the country over the last 2 months, and actually more phones in general than anyone in Ontario over the past 2 months. Hmph, who knew? But still, I feel it's time for a change, and am looking at an admin. assistant job with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Which leads me to Resolution #2: Quit Smoking. D-Day is January 4th. Kristie and I are quitting on that day, because the 3rd is my Birthday, and we're trying to be realistic. Quitting when you KNOW you'll be drinking is just not a good start. But, quitting when you're hungover and don't want a cigarette IS. Wish us luck.

Resolution #3: Get into better shape. I joined a gym in December, and I have a workout regimen and everything. Lazy old me, going to a gym. Not a big deal to the average reader, but to me, this is a paradigm shift of epic proportions, trust me. Combine the gym with the Indoor Soccer League in February, and I should be in Speedo-wearing shape for Summer! (the collective "ewwww"'s could be heard from space)

I can't believe that people actually come here to read about me and my inane BS, but apparently you do. Almost 2200 hits since I put the counter up, and that's actually been reset once, the true number is over 3000. So, thank you for your interest. If 2005 is drama-free for me like I'm hoping it will be, maybe it'll be a less interesting read. I'll see what I can do about keeping your attention. Hmmm, maybe webcam porn?

I wish all of you a 2005 that is an order of magnitude better than your 2004.

Happy New Year everyone!


a said...

happy new year. happy birthday. Im going to try to make your thing. I should every year when your drunk and dont remember me. we got to sing the gambler!

brokenengine said...

Hey Liberty, thanks a lot! Hope to see you Monday Night!