Details of last Show:

Moon Rocks w/o Borders @ Rancho Relaxo
feat. nurse, The Jones, The J-Man Allstars
Saturday March 19th
10:30 pm

Always a fun fun time at Moonie's b-day/St. Patricks Day show. Good tunes, good beer(and lots of it), and great to see some people that I see maybe 2 or 3 times a year now. In short, if you missed this, you missed out.


nurse @ Holy Joes
Saturday March 11th

**This show was really a lot of fun. I'd never played Holy Joes before, and was a little nervous about the size of the room, since we tend to be a pretty loud band, considering the style of music we play. But WOW, it's a really great room! The small size and the couches for the audience really lend to a sense of intimacy, and it was easy to get a connection with the audience. We were on last, and the place was at capacity when we went on, and thankfully they all stuck around. A great crowd, which helped us put on a pretty good show!!


Anonymous said...

... all the way put from Calgary to see the show. Okay, actually it was for Motley Crue, but seeing Nurse was an added bonus to the night.

Postmodern Sass said...

Hello, Broken Engine, sir, man with a guitar who likes Kill Bill. New friend? I see no email address so I'm using your comments function to say hello, and thank you for linking to me. Have we met somewhere? Kickass Karaoke, perhaps? You don't look familiar, if that is indeed a photo of you in your profile, but then, I'm bad with faces and as you may know, if you've been reading my blog, I'm clueless. Email me at postmodernsass-at-gmail.com and say hi.

me said...

sounds like "good times". i'll make it out one of these days (probably once school is over)...