So, I guess the big news these days is that I am planning on moving in with Kristie on June 1. I'm nervous and excited. Nervous because that action hasn't really worked out for me very well in the past. But Kristie is different, and I really think we're on the right track. And if me thinking that isn't enough, I get enough outside reinforcement from all my friends. Seriously, they all seem to like her more than they like me. Well, some might say there's no surprise there, haha!

Beyond that, I have become the sales machine at work. I've sold more phones than anyone in the country over the past 5 months. Which is weird, because I don't consider myself much of a salesman; i don't really enjoy going out and getting sales. The good thing about where I'm at is the sales come to me; i just have to close them. I guess it runs in the blood, my Dad having been a salesman all his life(and now he's a pastor, which the cynical might say is the same thing!).

The band is on a short hiatus to write more music. We've finished one new tune, but I'd like to have 2 or 3 more new song's ready to go for our next gig, which is June 25th at Holy Joes. Rest assured, I will be promoting this vigorously, closer to the date.

Beyond that, things are smooth sailing. Nothing too Earth-shattering to report.

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Van-Nasty said...

we'll make some time for a beer for sure.
your number has magically been erased from my cell.
please give it to me again.