So nice to be able to walk home from work, enjoy the nice weather. Well, comparatively nice, compared to the crap we got this weekend here in Toronto. Personally, I blame the Pope dying, but thats just me.

Just got home, and about to cook dinner. Kristie is coming over later to watch Medium. Looking forward to Dr. Who tomorrow night, followed by The Amazing Race. Yes, I'm a nerd. Glad I have the gym to go to now, or I'd be a fat-assed couch potato.

I am so lucky to have Kristie. She's wise beyond her years, and I truly believe she loves me. Also, she's not insane, which is a plus. Nice to know I attract SOME women who aren't!

I should give (a shout out/props/kudos) to Post Modern Sass for being that rarest of rare things: a blogger who actually posesses a talent for writing. How novel.


me said...

re: insane women...just what are you trying to say?!


*hides foil helmet*

brokenengine said...

Merely that I have had a number of mentally unstable paramours, nothing more, nothing less. ;)

Postmodern Sass said...

Thank you, kind sir. But there are many bloggers who can write well; in fact, far better than I can. There's Tequila Mockingbird, for one. And of course there's Dooce, who won this year's Bloggie for best writing. You'd probably like hers -- she writes about her little girl a lot.

me said...

quoth the raven... :)