This show turned out great! I always get nervous when I book them myself. It wasn't a ram packed success, but all the acts got money, everyone had a good time, and there was enough of a crowd to make the bands play well.

The Jones rocked the house! Remind me not to let them open for us again, it's a tough act to follow. So good to see my old bandmates back onstage again, doing what they do best. Martin remains my favourite all-time guitar player, and the songwriting tandem of he and Joey is still potent. Combine the thunderous rhythm of Steve? Impressive. Can't wait to watch them grow. Website imminent.

nurse played a pretty solid set, if I do say so myself. Crowd seemed to like it. We're going to take a short break from live shows in order to write some new songs. Right now, we have to play all the original songs we have(7) when we play, and, in my opinion, they're not all world beaters. We need some more.

I met the lead singer of SHeRRY outside The Big Bop last month when we played Holy Joes. She was playing the Paragon Music Competition at The Reverb(they won). They're also members of my Toronto Musicians Group on Myspace, and when I put up an ad looking for a band for this show, they answered. WOW, they left us quite impressed! Rocking songs, great harmonies, terrific stage presence, powerful singer, tight and solid rhythm section. The "cute" guitar player was immediately upgraded to "intolerably hot" when her fingers blurred up the fret board as she tore into a solo on the second song. Every man(and a couple of the women) were deeply smitten. Check them out next time they're in town.

Brian Ireland held it together between sets and played tha new hip bidness for about 45 minutes after SHeRRY. I was definitely liking his selections. MORE BLOC PARTY!

It was also Blogger O'Clock(or at least people that are in my blog's links), with the attendance of Sarah, Patitarius, Aimee, and Liberty. Big thanks to them for unplugging for a night and coming out to the show!

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