Today was the first great weather day of the year, and it also happens to be the day that Kristie and I decided to celebrate our "half anniversary"(it's actually on Monday), so we spent the day out doing whatever her heart desired.

We met with Simon and Amy at Marguerita's on Baldwin and ate some excellent Mexican food on the patio, soaking up the sun and the beer.

Then we all walked through Kensington Market for an hour, looking through the shops, and showing Kristie "The Worst Music Store On Earth", home to "The 9/11 guitar", the awfulness of which must be seen to be believed.

We took our leave of Simon/Amy and headed south down Spadina, spending the next couple of hours looking around, stopping into The Dragon City Mall and other shops.

The Killer by John Woo
The Eye(creepy Japanese Horror)
The 7 Samurai(2 discs) by Kurosawa
Throne of Blood by Kurosawa

Price: $20

aka Remind me to shop more in Chinatown.

Headed down Queen, and got a Vanilla Bean Hot Chocolate at The Second Cup, enjoyed it on the patio, people watching.

Watched Sin City at the Paramount. It was pretty good. Not "unbelievable" as some people had been saying, but enjoyable. Marv's my new hero.

Walked back to Bathurst for the hated TTC.

Home by 11. Kristie was tired and went straight to bed.

Great, great day!


me said...

Marguerita's! I had lunch there last week with a friend. Best sangria I've had, yet...

brokenengine said...

The person at the next table was having one and it looked really good. Ironically, their marguerita's are not very good. Kristie ordered the Strawberry, and it was made with Rum instead of tequila. And I could make a better one in my sleep. Then again, I think strawberry rum marguerita's are antithetical to the whole idea of the drink. It's all about the Lime & Tequila, baby.

me said...

Zackly. And the course-grain salt...

If you're looking for a great Cuban tapas place: Julie's on Dovercourt (just north of Queen). Best Marguerita I've had in the city. A bit pricey, but very, very good.