The Weekend, in links


Worked until 6pm, and then met Kristie for a quick bite. Kristie was tired, so she went home, and I headed downtown to meet and talk with my friend Ang for awhile, as she lives in the vicinity of Tortilla Flats, which is where I was to meet Aimee for a drink.

When Aimee and I left there, we crossed the street to The 'Shoe, for another drink(this just in: Wellington could usurp Creemore and Camerons as my favourite beer. It's a 3 way tie right now. Stay tuned.), and saw The Early Morning(Quite Good!), and The Spades(I didn't stay too long, but they seemed pretty neat. A little too rootsy and/or garage for my tastes, but good none the less). Also saw Neszer for the first time in a year, but didn't get to spend too much time talking with her; her time was understandably divided. Would've been nice to have been able to chat more. Maybe next time.

I said my goodbyes and headed home early.


Kristie and I slept in until noon and then picked up some cheap-greasy-spoon-breakfast-to-go at Billie's. I had to eat fast & get a move on, as it was playoff time for my indoor soccer team, Moon FC. We lost. We sucked something fierce this year, no lie. But whatever, it's good exercise, and a good chance to hang out with my buddies.

After that, I hurried home, picked up the band van(affectionately known as 'Blue-cifer')& Kristie, and drove up to stay at my parents, where we enjoyed beer & conversation on the deck, some spare ribs for dinner, and watched "National Treasure" . It's innocuous Disney Pap, but I wasn't expecting Kurosawa or Tarkovsky, so it was at least entertaining.

Bed by 2am.


It was Mothers Day, so we made mine happy by getting up and going to Church. After that, Kristie and I went to some pet stores to look at some animals, and then returned home to make our Mother's Day present: Coq Au Vin with Garlic Mashed potatoes. Kristie is a brilliant cook as well, it turns out. Lucky me!

Left my parents place at 7pm in order to make it to Moon FC's final game of the season(News Flash: We Won. By forfeit; the other team only had 2 guys show up. We'll take it), and then took Kristie home for bed by 10. And now here I am, just about ready to hit the sack myself.

Might not seem like "Party Central", but I very much enjoyed myself this weekend, and the weather was beautiful. Couldn't have asked for much more.

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me said...

thanks again for coming out. really appreciate it - and thanks for the beer!

sounds like the rest of the weekend went as planned. cheers.