I am covered in microscopic scratches, inflicted by a teething and hyperactive kitten.

I have bags under my eyes from being woken up at 5:30am every morning by a kitten that is still a little afraid of the dark, and doesn't want to go find the litterbox by himself until it gets light out. So, he whines, as if to say "MOM! DAD! I'm gonna shit the bed!! HELP!"

He's stupid, but he's fun. He takes after me.


So, after work yesterday, got my usual hair cut, from the usual stylist, at the usual place, House of Lords. I love being "a regular", whether its there or a bar or a restaurant, or whatever. Like, I love going to The Horseshoe and chatting with Tyrone the bouncer, or Teddy(bartender extraordinaire), and having a bit of history with them. Teddy doesn't need to ask what I drink because he knows, and Tyrone knows that I don't screw around, so if someone I'm with needs to get in, they get in.

Anyway, I've been going to HoL for a couple of years, so when I book an appointment, Karen knows exactly who's coming in, knows that she can be outside and have a smoke and I'll wait, and I don't even have to tell her what to do, she already knows. And she's had a pretty interesting life, following around a lot of my favourite bands from the original punk era when she was a teenager, so she's always got lots of stories, and I don't have to do too much talking. I hate talking when I'm getting my hair cut, I just want to chill. So, she takes the lions share of the interaction.

Freshly shorn, I picked up some Creemore and Pelee Island, and headed over to Nemo's for some BBQ Burgers and drinking. Well, mostly drinking. His roommate Shan was there, Kristie and Cooter showed up, as did Amy, Kyle, and Kyle's friend(who's name eludes me, even though I've met him a couple of times...I hate that).

We were on the guest list for Gen-Sub's party at Sneaky Dee's, so we drank until 11, grabbed a couple of travellers, and headed over. It was hosted by Amsterdam, and the evil Jagermeister, and the free booze was flowing. Consequently, I don't remember what the event was about. I actually think it was a party for the two companies to host. Like, they were partying because of the party. Sounds like a good enough reason to me. Gen-Sub always has good bands though, so...

Drunk O'clock

Tonight should be spent pretty close to home, I would wager...ouch.

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