Successfully moved in, no real hassles. Haven't unpacked all my clothes yet, but more important things came up. Like hooking up the cable.

Cripes. We got the digital box and cable internet. So, I've been setting up the computer today, or trying to while being tempted by the 600 channels in the other room. Upside is that we have the NHL channel, and I got to watch a Leaf's playoff game from last season(a game they won, no less). I forgot how happy watching the buds score makes me. Please Hockey; please come back.

I almost forgot to tell you, we got a kitten! He's 6 weeks old, beige, and his name is Whiskey. I need some batteries for my camera, and then I'll get some pics up.

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me said...

glad to hear it all went well. good luck with the living situation.

and i mean that.