BUSY weekend.

Enjoyed sleeping in on Friday morning. Kristie and I had lunch at this little place near our apartment called Mexitaco. Authentic Mexican cuisine. It is SO good, I highly recommend it. Just East of Bloor & Ossington.

After that, we packed up "Blu-cifer", the band van, and left for my parents place in Newmarket. My brother Rob is in town with his wife Kathy and their son Asher, who is 9 months old and all kinds of cute. It's a little weird being an uncle; my brother is this kid that I used to beat on, or teach how to steal 2nd base. Now he's married, and a Dad. So, I guess it's weird in the same way that being a Dad is weird. Great, but still strange.

After Asher went to sleep for the night, Rob, Kathy, Kristie and I went to the movies. War of the Worlds. Pretty good. But I'm still not a big fan of this technique that gets used a lot these days; the CGI is so good, but still not perfect, so the director shakes the camera around, hoping to add a bit of realism, but also hoping to mask the imperfection. A word to directors: This technology is the best it's ever been, and is only getting better. The whole point of a blockbuster movie is for the audience to suspend it's disbelief. I would rather see things clearly than a blur of movement and wonder what was going on. My imagination can fill in the blanks, don't worry.

Yeah. Like Speilberg wants my input.

Saturday was a perfect day.

Saturday, Nisha, Maire, and her fiance Peter came up to my parents place, so we get the two cousins together. I'll get some pictures up as soon as I can. They were stopping in for the day on their way to Vermont, where Peter lives. I will miss Nisha in the short term, but I know this is not goodbye, just "see you in awhile". Again, I'm taking a long term view...

After they left, we had a nice family dinner of BBQ'ed steak. Everyone was quite exhausted from playing with kids all day, so it was an early night.

Sunday, we all went to church as my brother was preaching(my Dad is the pastor, and my brother is a youth pastor in Coquitlam BC, so this was a sort of homecoming). Kristie and I went to Wasaga beach. It was nice to get out of town and get in the lake a little bit, but boy does Wasaga suck when it's packed full of morons. And when did the acceptable attire for 16 year old girls make you think they all give lap dances for a living? Must be the Britney/Xtina influence. They ALL look like strippers...CRAZY! At any rate, the demographic of Wasaga on a long weekend is LoCoDe, and every business there is angled towards that, so it was really not an nejoyable time, excepting the time spent with Kristie in the water. Needless to say, we didn't stay long.

We got home, and I was off to Hurricanes for their weekly Texas Hold 'Em night. This is a summerlong tournament they're having; no money at stake. You sign up, and you get $5000 worth of chips. Top 3 finishers of the night get a certain amount of points. Top 10 at the end of the summer play in the final table. Winner gets a trip for two to Florida. For me, it's just an excuse to play some poker. This was only my second game, and I came in second last night. Florida, here we come!

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me said...

right on! happening weekends are great fodder for the mind when one is at work during the week.

mexitaco is good. i had the green chili chicken enchiladas - and OH MY. it was an event, let's just put it that way.