Maybe I'm culturally insensitive, but I hate Caribana. I have no time for the music, the parade, the costumes, etc etc etc. I just find it really gaudy and overdone and...well, just a mess. It's like pollution, but the people are the pollution.

I mean, I'm all for the people having their day of celebration. I just wish I didn't have to see/hear it.


me said...

Caribana originates from Trinidadian carnival...but today's incarnation is barely a vague reflection of what it should be.

sad. we used to go when i was a kid and it was great.

it's just become another excuse to get drunk, do drugs, and be obnoxious (let's cruise Yonge Street all day in our Lincoln Navigator's pumping Fitty Cent...ugh)...

...just like the Pride Parade.

brokenengine said...

It's like everything. The true history of our combined culture and tradition, and why it's important, isn't really taught anymore. I'll bet you the percentage of high school students today that could tell you that the May 24th holiday is Queen Victoria's birthday is less than 20%. And less still who could tell you WHY she was important to our country, and therefore why we celebrate her birthday 100 yrs later.

The Pride parade...don't get me started. I mean, you know i'm not a homophobe, so my dislike of the pride parade doesn't stem from that. It's just so ostentatious. And it's totally not a necessary event in this city anymore, in my admittedly somewhat ignorant opinion. I mean, here's how I see it: I'm not gay, and so I haven't had to grow up with the persecution that a gay person might have. So, therefore, I can't say "You don't need to celebrate". But this parade isn't fighting against persecution, and I'll submit that the level of anti-gay sentiment is lower now than it has been in history. This is really just an excuse to be 'counter-culture', get drunk, and party. And I'm sorry, but I don't flaunting your sexuality on Yonge street is counter-culture anymore. It's boring.

So, I say party all you like, and have your day, but I think it's just a little much now. Everyone knows it's going to be Caligulan(is that a word?) party, and thats why everyone goes. Isn't there something better they could do with their time?