Heh. I don't talk about work here much, but something struck me today.

I love when people go on and on about how crappy Rogers is, and how they're going to a competitor. Hey, I'm a realist, and I'm the first one to tell you that we have some issues to work out. But it's in our customer service. And the company is actually implementing programs to streamline the service, so that you don't get a different answer from a different rep all the time. But seriously, our network can NOT be beat in Canada, and we're the innovators in the marketplace when it comes to new services and products. We always have the best products first, and we have the most experience with those products(ei Blackberry). There's a reason we have the highest subscribership, and there's a reason that the competitors are offering customers the keys to the bank in order to get them to subscribe with them.

My favourite though, is when people go over to our competitors with a sneer at Rogers, find the service crappy, and realize that they've signed up for a 3 year commitment, and that if they cancel they will be charged $20/mth remaining on the contract with no maximum. In other words, if you cancel after 2 months, you're going to be charged $680! Outrageous.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but how come they can't get the Blue Jays into the playoffs?

Captain Charming

brokenengine said...

As I said, there are still challenges... hahaha