Interesting conversation with my dad, the pastor, about this. I asked what he thought of it, and this was his reply:

I don't subscribe to, or endorse, militant conversation of this nature; and I don't think it appropriately reflects the "Christian" side of his character.

On the other hand, as a purely pragmatic comparison of values and return on investment, where he is comparing the option of spending $200 billion to clean up the Venezualan "problem" in an Iraq-style military quagmire vs. just "taking out" Chavez, he makes a good case for expediency. Not that any American would stand for a second if a Venezualan broadcaster suggested that the solution to American bullying would be to "take out" Bush... imagine the reaction!

But, if you want to take this one step further, and explore the real danger in this type of rhetoric: Robertson is only reflecting the typical American response to anything that seems to impede their comfort zone: use gunpowder to remove the impediment. What is really going on here? Chavez thinks that as head of a sovereign state, he has authority to decide to sell their country's oil to any buyer they choose. For that he gets called a communist, a supporter of Muslim extremism, a strong-arm dictator...but its really about oil, which leads me to the bigger concern...

Did you know that the 2nd largest pool of oil reserves is right here in Canada? Consider the Alberta wells and tar sands; consider the Newfoundland undersea oil; and add to that the inevitable necessity for US to send their Alaska oil via pipeline (1000 miles of it within Canada). How long before some US broadcaster, or NSA advisor, decides that Canada can't be trusted with such assets, and a scenario develops enabling them to justify "taking out" any impediments to US getting what they want.

Do you think I'm a conspiracy theorist? I have thought about this for 40 years, wondering if our fresh water, or our oil, or our mineral reserves would be the reason, but utterly confident that the US will come and get it eventually. If not in my lifetime, almost for sure in yours.

Have a nice day!... y'all

It's scary, but I think he's right.


Anonymous said...

Not only that but that darn commie just offered oil to Jamaica at far less than the going rate (22,000 barrels @ $40/barrel vs the going rate of approx $65/barrel). He also announced $60 million in foreign aid to Jamaica to help upgrade their oil refineries.
If he wasn't a threat to the U.S. mentality of drill and be conquered he's certainly putting in overtime to become one.

Perhaps they'll find time to "take him out" once they are done roasting Marc Emery

I do now see where you get your writing ability from. Your dad is a wise man

Captain Charming.

brokenengine said...

LOL not to mention my conspiracy theorist leanings, huh? ;)