Last night was not our best show, but it will certianly make the top 3. I'm more and more proud of this band every show. Things are finally starting to gel, and it's getting much easier to deal with the band as far as writing and playing; roles are starting to become more defined, we're more comfortable with each other onstage, and we're starting to be able to second guess what each other is going to do, which is vital.

For instance, last night, our drummer had an off night. 3 times the song was over, and through a combination of him not being 'on' and not being able to hear me in the monitors, he didn't realize the song was over and kept playing. All three times, the band covered him, kept playing, made eye contact with him and let him know where we were, with a minimum of notice by the audience. That kind of thing defines a good band, in my eyes. Glad we're finally getting there.

Crazy! My old friend Jordan showed up! He was my best friend from grade 4 all the way through High School. We started to grow apart around grade 12, and then he totally disappeared off my radar. 14 years later, there he is at the bar! So we spent the rest of the evening catching up. That was a nice surprise. He's lived quite the life. Interesting how different our paths have gone, and yet so many similar things have happened to us. Looking forward to getting to know him again.

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