I've had some single friends ask me "How do you know?" and I have one single friend in particular struggling with the "I'm not ready, but I can't live without her" question. This is what I think...

Over a period of time, I asked myself:
- Do I want to be with anyone else? No.
- Do I think that I could do better? No.
- Do I want to TRY and do better, or even believe that 'better' exists? No.
- Do I make her happy? Yes.
- Does she make me happy? Yes.
- What about her makes me happy? Everything tangible, but more importantly, she makes me happy in a way that I can't quantify.
- Do I think I'm ready? No and Yes. I don't think ANYONE EVER feels ready, and that’s due to fear; fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of making a life long decision. And that’s just immature, to risk happiness due to an irrational fear.

It's like that scene at the end of "Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade", where he steps out into the chasm, because he believes that the bridge is there, that his faith won't let him fall. I believe in her, that she won't let me fall. And more importantly, I believe that I won't let her fall!

And it's really just that simple. Don't be afraid.


me said...

that is an excellent way of putting it.

though i must mock your nerdiness for making reference to Indiana Jones when talking about marriage. :P


brokenengine said...

Nerd = C'est moi.

And, hey, I could've referenced Jack Burton ("Big Trouble In Little China"), or Remo Williams ("The Legend of Remo Williams"), so Indian Jones isn't all that nerdy by comparison.