: 3:30 PM Saturday :


We picked up the rental equipment before leaving Toronto on Friday night, and double checked it before we left. I guess we were having a fugue or something, because we got to Newmarket and were missing a bunch of stuff. So, the beginning of today was a lot of running around, calling the two music stores in Newmarket, and bugging them. Having to compromise, since they have two things: Jack, and Shit. But it turns out we're good at that.

Using the space I procurred is turning out to be a VERY good move. The drums sound like thunder in the warehouse room, and the recorded results are extremely promising. And the fact that our drummer is TOPS is helping, as he has nailed the first three songs on the 3rd take, each. So, he has helped us make up for lost time, and I think we're back on schedule now, despite the days setbacks. Yay Baron!

Two more songs to go for drums, and then we're on to Dave and his brand new Rickenbacker bass. We might actually get this album done (sans vocals) this weekend. That would be such a plus, I can hardly say. I would've been happy just to get the drums and bass done.

: 11:00 PM Saturday :

Dave rocks too. :) Done for the evening!

: 3:30 PM Sunday :

Phil is done, and Simon is about to start. Then we do over-dubs(solos, sound effects, etc etc etc), and then we are done except for vocals. What have I done this weekend? Well, I've been in charge of drinking Whiskey. And I must say, I'm doing a kickass job. Heh.

Ok, thats not entirely accurate. I mean, yeah, that's job #1 for me. But I'm also 'the ears'(I'll thank you to keep the ear jokes to yourselves). In other words, I sit and read and drink liquor, but really what I do is listen intently while staying out of everyones way. Occasionally, I yell through the door "That is NOT a take, do it again", or "That was the tits right there!! Nice Job!", or I pop in with a suggestion. So, I guess you could say I'm a co-producer.

I could get used to this. heh.

: The End :

We were finished and packed up by 11 PM Sunday. Looooong day, but worth it. Can't wait to get my parts done now!

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