Damn, if I had a nickel for everytime this happened...

Naked woman drops through ceiling

A Russian couple had a narrow escape when their naked neighbour dropped in - through the ceiling.

Rozalia Valiakhmetova had been relaxing in the bath when the floor gave way, dropping her and the bath tub into the flat below.

She said: "I had just dozed off and then I heard this huge crash and realised what had happened. The bathroom floor just collapsed under the bath and I came crashing through the ceiling of the people below me.

"They seemed as shocked as I was when they saw me lying there naked in the bath in the middle of their living room."

She was treated at a local hospital for injuries to her leg but otherwise was unhurt. Local council engineers said the floors in the old apartment block in Solnechnaya in the Surgut district of Russia where Valiakhmetova lived were supported by wood which had rotted over the years.

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