So so busy at work.

I've started job shadowing a new position here. I am Communications Support. Basically, we communications for the call centre, update the intranet site with announcements, that sort of thing. Sort of like writing press releases for the call centre and senior management. It's stress, and requires fast turnaround time. I enjoy it A LOT. Nice to get off the phones and be able to use my creativity.

So, that and working as much OT as I possibly can in order to save some $$$ for wedding and honeymoon, I barely have 2 seconds to rub together. Thankfully, I have an understanding fiance. Anyway, thats why there's not a lot to update right now.

On the band front, the initial recording went well, but we havent had much of a chance to proceed. Hope to fix that in the next couple of weeks.
Simon's been working hard editing and getting ready for the next session. And we have a meeting this week to talk to our friend Laurie about possibly managing us. I've never had a manager before, in 15 years of doing this. Should be an interesting experiment.

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