It seems I have been nominated for Best Personal Blog over at the 2005 Canadian Blog Awards. I'd say go vote for me, but I don't personally believe mine to be the best personal blog. I'm sure there are better blogs, personal or otherwise out there. brokenengine is a mental junkyard, where I post things that I think others might find useful, or stuff that I think is interesting and want easy access to, and it's also a bit of a diary. I guess it's the most unwieldy pocket organizer in history. And I'm constantly fascinated that anyone comes to read it. Don't get me wrong, I'm flattered and appreciate the interest. But I don't strive to make it 'the best', whatever that means. It's a very high-school-like popularity contest if you ask me, to see how many of your "internet friends" you can get to vote for you.

So, good luck to the organizers of the contest, I'm certainly not knocking them. I'm not going to be a Montgomery Brewster and ask you to "Vote for None of the Above", as I do believe there are blogs out there worth noting. Hell, check my links and take your pick; i wouldn't list these blogs if I didn't read them almost every day, and want to share them with everyone.

If by some weird wrinkle of fate brokenengine was to be awarded something due to people voting for it, I would literally be speechless and humbled (confused, but humbled none the less), just as I am humbled and confused to have been nominated.

But I'm not holding my breath.

PS: Laurie, if you are reading this, The Horseshoe site has us listed as "guest". The show IS confirmed, right? If so, are the other bands the correct line-up?


Anonymous said...

I'm on it ... Lj

Anonymous said...

It's amazing the blogs that are nomintated for those awards... There are so many wonderful and creative blogs out there and yet it seems many that are nominated are.. well.. crap. For example:

Why is this journal nominated for best travel journal (the VIVI awards) when the layout is HORRID?

I could go on and on with examples, but i have to go get ready for work.

brokenengine said...

A flight attendant blog. If you did the same thing, I'm sure it would be FAR more entertaining. Reading that blog was like reading a bad newspaper...