Kristie and I WERE going to go out last night, but she ended up not feeling well, so we just hung around at home and chilled. We were going to go see a movie(we were going to decide when we got there), and then we were thinking of crashing the Director's Guild Party at La Brasserie down the street...well, not crash since we were on the guestlist, but still, we would know no one there. Then we were going to go to Burrito Boyz.

Ended up we stayed in and ordered in and watched Gilmour Girls. Just as good.

Ha, I insulted someone surreptitiously, and they don't get it and think it's a compliment, and are telling everyone. This should be fun to watch.
(Heather, this is not about you. Get over yourself. 2 posts ago, THAT can be about you)

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