My sister-in-law emails me the latest pictures of my nephew and pretends to be Asher when she writes the message. I always write back, to Asher. Comme ca:

Hello family,

It’s me Asher again, you know the super cute, really good baby from BC. Well today was a big day for me getting to play in the snow, I’ve included some pictures for you. I am wearing my Winnie the Pooh snow suit and look very handsome in it; my favourite part is the ears. Mommy and Daddy took me in the back yard today and we made a snow man and we played in the snow, I tasted it and also shook it off of the bushes. It was a bit hard to walk on and I slipped lots but it was fun.

I am doing real good and can’t wait for Mommy and Daddy to get our Christmas tree so I can “reek some havoc” as they like to say. J

Hope you are well, miss you and love you. Xoxoxoxo


Dear Asher,

Very glad you enjoyed the snow! Did you know that doesn't happen very often, where you are? Sure, it happens up in the mountains, where the guys that smell funny at the mall go zoom on their skis. But in actual populated areas, it's not very common. I'm sure you heard your mom and dad ooohing and ahhhhing and "tsk tsk"ing as you drove around the town lately? That was probably at the destruction left by the inevitable food riots that happen whenever it snows in your town. One day, a truck from a pillow factory overturned on the highway, and people in Langley clogged the Highways to the USA, looking to defect!

Another word on weather: You're too young to remember, but there is a rainy season in Vancouver. This season is called "Life". Ultimately, some people get a little depressed, not seeing the sun for 6 months. This might happen to mom & dad too, especially since they used to live in Toronto, which incidentally, is where the sun revolves around(later, in school, you'll be told different. This is called jealousy. We know better, don't we?). If this happens, just look cute, and grab a picture of Grandma and Grandpa or Uncle Tim, and then cry. You'll see the Sun soon after that, I'm sure.

Much love,

Uncle Tim


me said...

were you being sarcastic or something? ;P

brokenengine said...

Just making jokes.