The end of the year. This is the time of lists. I'll spare you my opinion on my "Best/Worst of...", "Most Over/Underrated...", etc. It's list overload everywhere you look, and I don't want to add my worthless opinion to the myriad worthless opinions you have to wade through everyday.

I hope everyone's holidays were/are excellent. Kristie and I spent Christmas Eve at home, went and visited friends and family Christmas Night and Boxing Day, and today is my first day back at work. Nice to have a week off.

I've been pretty unplugged the last week, playing Battlefield 2 on my roommates computer(my computer is old and crappy and wouldn't run the intro to Battlefield 2). I probably will remain fairly unplugged for the next little while, as there is a lot of stuff coming up:

  • NYE
  • Bachelor Party (jan 7)
  • Wedding (jan 14)
So, yeah, I hope everyone has a safe and happy time, and if I don't update soon, we'll talk again in 2006.

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