I think Ian wanted me to fill this out:

four jobs i've had:

1. A&P Parcel Pickup (First Job. God, did I hate it.)
2. Just Kids (when I was 16 - 18, I worked in a Childrens clothing/shoe/toy store, in Newmarket. Not a terrible job for a 16 year old.)
3. IBM - Disaster Recovery (Not as technical as it might sound. No programming or actually much keyboard use at all. I did learn a lot about the bottom end of disaster recovery, and a lot about shipping and receiving though)
4. Rogers Wireless - Various call centre jobs/Communications coordinator.

four movies i can watch over and over:

1. Jaws
2. Aliens
3. Real Genius
4. Super Troopers

four places i've lived:

1. 12 Anchor Crt, Holland Landing, ON
2. St.Clair / Christie (Toronto)
3. Richmond / Ontario (Toronto)
4. Bloor / Ossington (Toronto)

four tv shows i love:

1. Celebrity Poker Showdown
2. The Brak Show
3. Kenny vs. Spenny
4. Deal or No Deal (This show was hosted by Howie Mandell, at his most restrained, and was on every night for a week last month. Then it disappeared, but apparently it's coming back next month. It's a really cool game show, high drama.)

four places i've vacationed:

1. Vancouver, BC
2. Montreal, PQ
3. Los Angeles, USA
4. Toronto, ON (What can I say? I like Canada...)

four of my favorite dishes:

1. Steak
2. Schwarties Potatoes
3. Perogies
4. Pizza

four sites i visit daily:

1. Torontoist
2. BlogTO
3. Myspace.com
4. Parkdale Pictures

four places i would rather be right now:

1. In bed with the wife
2. on stage
3. Outside enjoying the nice weather(It's January, right? WTF?!)
4. N.Z. visiting my sister.

four people i'm tapping to fill out list:

1. S J S
2. The Wife
3. Amazondotcom
4. Neszer

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