Pilate @ The Horseshoe

Went to The Horseshoe's "Nu Music Tuesday" this week, as it was rumoured that one of my favourite bands, Pilate, was going to be showcasing their upcoming album.

The opening act was Cities In Dust from Hamilton. They were pretty cool. An aggressive punk rock/post-hardcore style, certainly elements of The Stooges, but infinitely dancier than that description might make you think. Sadly, the band had some technical difficulties, including what appeared to be a blown guitar amp(which sucks, but damn! RAWK!), but the lead singer had LOADS of energy to distract the audience and make up for it. I'd definitely consider checking them out again. Pics of their set here.

Pilate was the next band on, and reminded me of why I like them so much. The new album certainly sounds a lot more aggressive, a little heavier than the last one. Still very melodic and pretty though. 'Toronto's answer to Coldplay', some might say. I say they're way better than Coldplay. I know that when people say "Hey, +nurse sounds kind of like Coldplay", we say "No, we sound like Pilate."
Pics of their set

Fun night, all in all. I had a few wobblies, so I made sure to get a couple of pics of my favourite bartender (Teddy Fury of The Royal Crowns) and my favourite bouncer, Tyrone. I must remember, in future, to let other people take these pics.

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Teddy and Tyrone! My two faves!!