The voting for the baby name is going fast and furious, and now we have WAY more options, which was sort of antithesis to the whole idea, but whatever. We still have another 4 months to make up our minds. So, thank you, and keep the ideas & comments coming!

Hard to believe that I'm going to be a Dad again in a short 4 months! Wow. Crazy. Kristie and I were talking last night about how she's doing, and the fact that she's had a pretty easy pregnancy, by most standards. Like, she's not enjoying being pregnant, and can't wait for the baby to be born, but she didn't have any really bad morning sickness, so far hasn't been overly emotional, and to date has only gained a total of 2 lbs! I think she's really cute pregnant, and I know she likes it when the baby kicks, but I feel for her. It's a lot to give up, cooking a baby inside you.

In other news, we've got a whack of +nurse business coming up in April, including our first all ages gig, a charity show at the Elmo. That should be pretty interesting. I like all ages gigs, because the kids are there for the music, not to drink. However, our music isn't a very "hip" sound, like electro or punk or garage, so I wonder how we'll go over?

We're also planning on going into the studio (A proper studio this time) in a couple of weeks. And we're finalizing a design with p0isson.com for T-shirts and buttons, etc. So, finally, we may have some product. And it's about time, no?

Finally, Kristie and I had a date on Friday night. Coffee and desert at Peter Pan (which I highly recommend), and then we went to see a movie. Now, previous to this film, the worst movie I ever paid full price to sit in a theatre to watch was Van Helsing, a name that I would only whisper, my revulsion of it so strong. I'm here to say "Well, at least that movie had a sense of humour".

I haven't seen Catwoman, but I find it hard to imagine that it could possibly be worse than my new WORST EVER MOVIE: Ultraviolet.

Seriously, read the reviews under that link. Now, try to imagine that all those reviewers are somehow related to people connected to the film, and are therefore pulling punches in an attempt to be nice. I can almost say that Ultraviolet is worth the price of admission in unintentional-hilarity-due-to-badness. Almost.

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