I'm probably late to this, but wow, I dug this store.

Kristie and I spent all day yesterday taking advantage of the nice temp to wander the Queen W strip, and we stumbled into this place. Really cool!

We also spent some time in KOLKID, this really fun and hip Kids Store just down the street from Magic Pony. We loved it. Our child will certainly look good. We, of course, will be broke as ass.

In other news, our show on Saturday night didn't go so hot. Well, the turnout was really good, and thanks to those of you that showed up. We had some technical difficulties that proved distracting, and we just didn't bring our "A" game.

We're playing Rancho Relaxo for the annual St. Patricks Day show, and we promise to "come correct". So come on out, it's for charity, and it is ALWAYS packed and rockin'!


Anonymous said...

Hey, you brought your A game ... it was the equipment that sucked ass. Had you not had to worry about that sh*t, it would have been all good.


me said...

yeah, poor audio in that place.

however, you forgot to mention running into me on Queen! hehe. i'll have to check MP when i have money to blow ('cause it looks like the kind of place where i would do so without thinking).