Last night I went to The Cadillac Lounge to see my friend's The Pickups. They're still rough around the edges, but they're ok.

About the time I had my 3rd pint of Wellingtons, I realized why I hate CMW, and why I refuse to enter. They just have no shame:

  • Bands are asked to pay $50, and then told "Don't call us, we'll call you".
  • Any band with a label or management gets in. Bands that have already been accepted are subject to getting bumped due to this rule, talent and/or logic be damned.
  • Extra spots, if any, are filled with bands that paid to be on the waiting list. This is done randomly, with no interest in genre or talent. Often, spots go unfilled, due to organizers inability to actually organize, or their inability to deal with last minute cancellations (it's Toronto, tell me you could spit without hitting a band that would be ready to fill in last minute).
Which is why you get some REALLY shitty acts showcasing.
Which is why most industry go to one big-hype-superbuzz show a night, so they can be seen by all the other industry folks, and ignore everything else. Which just further trains the general audience to NOT give unknown acts a chance, and to just go where the hype is.

It sickens me. The only way I would play CMW or NXNE is if someone asked us to be on their showcase (like Gen.Sub, or The Crowbar, etc). I refuse to give these parasites dollar one unless we're gauranteed a showcase. I wish more bands had the self-respect to take this stand.


me said...

i don't think a lot of bands take the time to think about it simply because CMW is so entrenched in musical life in Toronto. i was supposed to go see a couple bands with a friend, but opted not to spend the cash on it because, well, it's expensive. a wristband gets you in to see 30-45 minute sets of four different bands, and if you don't ewant one of those because there aren't enough bands you want to see, each show costs $8-10! ridiculous. i figure most of the bands will play again in the next couple months, and i can see a full show for that cash.

from both ends it doesn't make much sense, but hey.

Anonymous said...

SOME bands even get PAID to appear at CMW.

But not the ones that pay the application fee to get in.

That's a good industry lesson right there.

Anonymous said...

some get paid? oh man. that's news. i always took some small comfort in the fact that at least me and the trews were doing it for peanuts. maybe they got their $50 "look at me please!" fee waived. damn. that really burns me.

brokenengine said...

Yeah, thats some wacked out bullshit right there. Can't say I'm surprised though.