So, I'm more than a little pissed off at The TTC this morning.

First of all, they announce the recent fare hike a few weeks back, with the usual schpiel: "We're poor, and the province refuses to help out. We need 20 million dollars!!!"

So, the province releases their budget a couple of weeks later, and says "Ok, we're sick of your whining TTC. Here's 200 million dollars, now shut up!"

The TTC then says "Thanks, Sucker! We're still gonna raise the fare, because we can get away with what we want, because what are you gonna do about it! Plus, since we have that secret mandate to alienate the entire city and all of our customers, it works out."

So, anyway, I buy tickets. Because I generally spend less than $100 on TTC per month, so a Metropass isn't worth it for me. I bought my tickets for the next two weeks about a week before the fare hike.

I go through the turnstile at Ossington station today, and put my ticket in the jar/collector/whathaveyou.

The guy in the booth bangs on the window and demands an extra $.10. Because of the fare hike! I didn't have the time to argue with him, so I put in the change, but not before losing my temper and calling him a parasite with an Oedipus complex, only more profanely.

Excuse me, but lets overlook the fact that the fare hike is corrupt as hell. I purchased tickets at the agreed upon price. Now that there is a fare hike, I will be forced to buy tickets at THAT price. Can someone please explain to me why I am now required to fish for a dime every time I want to use one of these tickets? If I buy a seasons pass at Wonderland, and then they raise the cost of the seasons pass, am I forced to pay extra every time I go to Wonderland? No.

The fare hike raised the price of a single ticket by $.25. Why am I paying an extra $.10 per ticket then? Obviously, this is an arbitrary fee, yet another step in the TTC's never ending ploy to PISS OFF THE GENERAL PUBLIC, and further have a general cluelessness where it comes to customer service and self promotion.

All this, and they're run by Howard Moscoe, who obviously hasn't met a pair of shoes that he didn't think would taste good. Maybe because they're run by Howard Moscoe. Thats worth thinking about, isn't it?


pyrotix said...

psst. his name is HOWARD moscoe ;-)

i think the reason they charge a dime is to prevent ticket hoarding? same reason they break the token machines every time there's a fare hike

brokenengine said...

Ha, fixed now. Thats called me being too mad to know what I'm typing.

brokenengine said...

PS: I hear what you're saying about the ticket hoarding. But that's easily remedied by limiting the amount of tickets one can purchase once a fare hike has been announced. Say, no more than 10 at a time. I mean, we're talking about a $.25 increase, I can't see them losing that much revenue due to people trying to hoard. And it would go a long way to defeating people such as myself being pissed off by being asked to pay the extra $.10 when I'm on my way to work.

me said...

yeah, it's pretty stupid. at some point, every business has to give up a little revenue in order to create a good relationship with their customers, otherwise you lose them (if it's not a monopoly, of course). especially in times of a fare hike should they be allowing people the right to horde tickets/tokens if they should so desire. i mean, how much can one person afford at one time, anyway? and wouldn't it be a bit suspect if one person bought 1,000 tickets or something like that? stupid. people are not going to invest a tonne of cash in TTC tickets, so whatever the business will lose is minimal if anything at all. what they would gain is priceless.

lest we forget to mention that their advertisements are extremely poorly designed/implemented. why do i need to see an ad about the TTC while on the TTC? der.

Ian C. said...

i was bitching about this same thing the other day. so here's the scoop from inside city hall: the ttc has had it's operating budget cut by the city on a yearly basis for the last 10 or so years. they are now operating their service on a budget that is dollar-for-dollar the same as it was in 1975. they've been operating in the red for years now. the $20M they asked for was enough to get the through this year alone and make some minor but critical infrastucture upgrades. the $200M gets them a little further (and some of that money is conditional and can only be used for things like expanding a subway line up to vaughn). but it doesn't get them back into the black. to pay off their debts and get back into a neutral operating scenario they actually need $500M. so they're still short $280M. hence city council voted not to reverse the fair hike.