We did a photo shoot before the Elmo show, which went quite well, thanks for asking.

: HERE : are the results. We're quite pleased.

I'm starting to feel MUCH more comfortable on the guitar, and I think Simon has resigned himself to the fact that I'm not going to give it up, so he's started giving me lessons (because, lets be honest, I'm still not great). It was weird, at this most recent show, I actually felt like a musician. I had equipment, and cables, and guitar stands, and an amp. Long gone are the days of setting up my mic stand and then having a drink while the rest of the band scrambled to set up their stuff hahaha.

Hope to see some of you at a show this week. One tonight, and one on Friday.


Ian C. said...

the shots with the mirror are particularly cool. very creative. and the headshots look awesome. who did the shoot? we were a little disappointed with our last pro shoot. you can't relinquish creative control unless you really trust the person behind the lense.

brokenengine said...

Andrea Hein. I'll get her contact info for you, if you want.

Anonymous said...

wow, no more sleepyskin link, eh?

brokenengine said...

Sure there is!