I just realized I totally missed my so-called "Bloggiversary". Not surprising really, since I've never really cared about observing it. It's weird that I've had this thing for more than two years.

I know a lot of people pimp out their blogs, do a lot with them, and generally use them as a hub for their lives, but I've never really done that. I mean, I use this as a way for people to learn about me without having to resort to long distance phone calls. And lately, it's been a way for me to share what I find interesting/humourous/cool with whoever cares to read. And thats about it.

I couldn't really get my head around making blogging a way of life. I just don't have the time.

I will probably go over 10000 hits this week as well, which I know is not that much for 2 years, but to me is still mind boggling, since I don't really put this address out there, and certainly don't update it with content that would inspire much "repeat business". Content is king, after all. And this is just my life, which only interests people who care, and even then, not much. So, 10k hits is crazy! You're all maniacs! But I like you anyway. Still, the "Blogiverse" is really weird.

Ok, back to being a curmudgeon.

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Anonymous said...

Happy blog-day or whatever you called it.