Hey! Nice weather this weekend, huh? Yuck.

So, My shift this week is 8-4. Those who knowme know how much of a morning person I am, which is to say, not at all. However, it has the distinction of getting me home at 4:45. Which I did today. And I turned on the TV, and saw that Channel 10 was showing "Toronto City Council: Live from chambers".

Dear lord, this is the greatest show on TV! It's hilarious, interesting, dramatic, and yet pathetic at the same time. It's amazing ANYTHING gets done. As of the time of this post, they have been debating when is the latest they are allowed to send out their newsletters. This epic battle, sure to go down in the history books, has been raging for 30 MINUTES!

I know this is only the first time I've watched, so I'm sure that my initial impressions aren't entirely accurate(but you all know what your mom told you about 'first impressions', right?), but even in such a short time, there seems to be very obvious "Hero's" and "Villians". I cheered as I watched Councillor Rob Ford kick councils ass over their expenditures and the fact that they all have an expense account that is in the 6 digit range, when they each make $87k/yr. I've spoken with Rob before, and he seems like a stand-up guy. So then why does Councillor Mammolatti pull the rug out from under him, causing his amendment to fail(And fail by a count of 30-2, no less. Toronto, your councillors are mostly a greedy bunch of piggies who don't want their perks to be cut back)? See? Hero; Villian. Howard Mascoe goes on and on about being allowed to send his newsletter out late because he's an incumbent, and therefore priviliged to have that advantage over his opponents. Whatever Howie, how about fixing the TTC's ability to promote itself. Wait, come to think of it, I think someone else is better suited to that than you.

Initial impressions:

Mayor David Miller is a magician of David Blaines prowess; one minute, he's presiding over matters in an oderly fashion; the next minute he has disappeared, seemingly into mid-air, and has been replaced by someone else. It's almost as iff he stormed out in a frustrated huff, except that would require storming and huffing.

Rob Ford(Etobicoke North) is not the most eloquent speaker in the world, but he seems very genuine, and is that rarest of politicians: he wants council to make LESS money, not more.

Councillor Walker(St. Paul) seems like that funny, yet somewhat befuddled professor you always loved. A little racey too.

Moscoe and Mammolotti(I forget which wards. Maybe Jerkville and Backstab West) seem only to chirp up when one of their perks are being attacked. Particularly the latter, who seemingly had nothing to say unless he was assassinating the character of some councillor who dared to suggest a rollback of an expense account or personal budget.

Seriously, more Torontonians should watch this.

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