Wow, what a busy last couple of weeks...

  • Training for a new position at Rogers. All of Customer Care is transferring to Brampton, and as previously discussed, I don't go to Brampton. So, I transferred back to A/R, but this time I'm taking cable and wireless calls, so it's a new skill, new knowledge, and even better, more $$$. But still, it's been 2 weeks of constant training. I hit the ground running on Thursday.
  • 3 gigs in a week = lots of rehearsing prior to the gigs + lots of beer at the gigs + not much sleep during that whole week.
  • Wife in final trimester of pregnancy = Lots of stress and worrying about her and our futures. We figured out a budget though, and I'm much more relaxed than I was.

So, lets see. A short review of our shows, and what else is new...

Saturday April 22 -
The El Mocambo

This all ages gig was fun, especially since we did the photo shoot before it. We played really well, one of our best shows to date. Of course, it was booked by two well meaning but young and inexperienced girls, so it didn't run as smoothly as it could've, but I've been told it was a success from a charity standpoint, and thats all that really matters.

Also, I had the misfortune of seeing my new "most hated band" at this event(who shall remain nameless, at least in public). Seriously, I was offended by them. I feel they were so awful, and took themselves so seriously, that they would ruin live music for the rest of us; people seeing them may decide to swear off of live music altogether. Even the bartendar was saying that he had got "Rockstar" attitude from them. Sheesh.

These shows also marked my first time playing my own electric guitar, which Phil fixed up by taking one of the original pickups out and putting in a new humbucker, making a world of difference. Next step is to get a better amp and distortion pedal.

Wednesday April 26 -
The Crowbar

Hmmm. What to say, and still be positive. Well, I think we played well. However, we got a call from the club at 5pm to say that the other 3 bands had all cancelled. I'm sorry, what?! It is very rare that a band cancels on the day of the show, but it's unheard of that 3 would do it. Which makes me think that they didn't, not on the day. We weren't very impressed with how the show was run, to be honest. However, the owners are really really nice, and we impressed them I think, and they want us back. We told them no problem...on a weekend...and we'll book it. Heh.

Friday April 28 -
The Savoy

Wow! What a great gig, what a beautiful club. Lisa Swain is great singer and songwriter, and her band is tight as hell! The Dunes, as always, rocked the joint(although Kristie got tired so we left early). The sound was a little bit sketchy on stage, but nothing to write home about. We'll just bring our own sound guy next time, no biggie. But if you have the chance to check out a band at The Savoy, I highly recommend it!

Other news:
  • Well, I felt the baby kick for the first time, which was really really cool. He's been kicking for awhile, but it was like he was hiding from me. I would put my hand on Kristie's belly, and he would stop immediately. No longer! Now he's kicking up a storm. Poor Kristie!
  • Nisha and her mom(Maire) & dad(Peter) are moving from Vermont back to Toronto! This is amazing news, and makes me very happy! Now, we just have to find them some place to live!
  • We went up to my parents place this weekend, and there was a letter from London Life. I used to have a life insurance policy with them, way back before I started at Rogers. Well, according to this letter, I still had a policy, and I owed them $2500. So, I called them saying "I cancelled this a long time ago. You may have noticed that I haven't paid anything towards it for years!". They said no problem, and that I should be getting a cheque for approx $3000 back. WOO-HOO!!
  • Pat got a mortgage, and has bought a place in Parkdale. Patrick with equity?! Hell has frozen over.

All in all, it's been a very busy last couple of weeks, and although there is a brief respite now, i forsee a very busy summer ahead. We start recording our E.P. next week, for one. Wow, yikes.


me said...

wow EXCITING! if you need any sort of backup female vocals, you know who to call. me, in case that wasn't clear. ;)

cheers on some good shows and on becoming a father again. :)

Ian C. said...

i like your guitar. nice to see people bucking the gibson/fender wagon for something a little more unique. (although i guess my prs fetish falls into mainstream these days, doesn't it? damn those new rock bands and their prs sponsorships!)

and you've got spill on who had the attitude man. if only so the rest of us can avoid 'em like the plague...

brokenengine said...

Heh thanks. With the original Kent pickups it sounded like a banjo. I hated to mod it, but its only nice to look at otherwise.

Ok, I wasn't going to, but whatever. Beware, the awfulness of TRAPDOOR.

Ian C. said...

so until last night we seem to have avoided playing with any other band we felt truly repulsed by. westpoint at last night's milner's show really reminded me of how ugly you look when you let ego drive you.