I was thinking today about the weird nature of writing, specifically lyrics for songs.

A lot of the time, you have a song ahead of time, and you sense that the song has a certain mood. So, you figure out whats been on your mind lately that suits the mood of that song. Writing about puppy dogs & ice cream when the song is predominantly minor key doesn't make sense.

Or, is that just me?

But sometimes, you have this song, and there are things that are on your mind that you want to get out. Cathartic. And you suffer writing it, but every time you sing it, you feel that much better. If you're me, you obscure the meaning by not writing terribly literally. You don't come out and say it, you try to be poetic. Partly because you're pretentious, but partly because you don't want to be too obvious. For your sake, and for the sake of the poor people that might listen to your crap.

Many months later, you will look back on these songs and struggle to even remember what your beef/pain was. The song did its job, but doesn't make much sense to you anymore.

So, you hope it makes sense to someone else. Because thats your main goal when you write.

Or, is that just me?

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me said...

yeah. i started writing my very first song the other day, and boy is it cathartic. i actually like it, too. i migaine someday i'll look back and think of this time and wonder why the hell i ever gave so much of a shit about such a fantastic cocksucker. and you're right, i'll want others to heed the message of the song, perhaps 'get it,' and perhaps avoid such ridiculousness. it's all a search for belonging and meaning. we want to know others go through the same tunnel of shit we all do...and come out clean on the other side (that's from shawshank redemption, i can't take credit).