This is the T-Shirt design I made for BlogTO. They won't be able to use it, because I did it in PowerPoint. I don't have the tools they needed for the right design, nor would I know how to use them. But I still thought it would make a good T-Shirt, so I put it up.


Ian C. said...

are you kidding me? they're eliminating you because you don't want to spend thousands of dollars on crappy adobe tools? tell me what format you need it in and i'll convert it for you.

this is way better than the crap they currently have posted.

man, why do i always seem to be at war with the blogto.com people?

brokenengine said...

Hey man, thanks. ALthough, I get it; they needed it of a certain quality to make t-shirts.

Anonymous said...

I'm a blogTO person. Don't hate me!! brokenengine, I really like the design, it's humourous, and uses our logo nicely.

I think the issue is a Powerpoint creation can't be adjusted to the pixels resolution for the image quality that we need. Most folks used Adobe Illustrator, so if you can convert it to that (or have someone do it), GO FOR IT!!

brokenengine said...

Hi Beth! Totally understandable, I really wasn't surprised, I just thought I'd whip it up there. Tell you what; why not let people vote on it? If they like it, then we can look into converting it over to adobe quality.