Wow, crazy weekend.

First of all, I bought a new amp. A vintage 30W Traynor. Ian, don't ask me all the pertinent details, I'm still learning them. I know that it is a '70s Traynor Studio Mate tube guitar combo with 4x8" speakers, reverb and tremolo'. Simon went to Pauls Boutique with me, and we sat down and played through it, and it was good, and he recommended it. It is beautiful in that grungy way that only really old electronics can be. So, now I have a really old tube amp, and a really old guitar(1962 Kent). It's like I'm a real musician or something. And they bought my old Acetone amp and my old Traynor PA. So, I really only ended up spending $295!

I cannot recommend Paul's enough! They were accomodating and helpful to a neophyte like myself, unlike most of the customer service at music stores in this town.

We rented a car (Chevy Malibu hatchback; cool little car) this weekend, because our plan was to go to Ikea and get stuff for the baby room. We've been working hard on this room for the past month; my parents came down last weekend and helped us paint it, and build a crib. We spent WAY too much money. Check that; it was all stuff that we actually needed. Check THAT; sort of haha. Ikea is evil because it is laid out in a way that pretty much forces you to walk past eveything in the entire store, and arranged in an eye pleasing way, so that you're compelled to get that cute/cool/wicked piece of furniture. But it's REALLY evil when you get past the furniture, when you go downstairs into "the marketplace". All the bric-a-brac with it's appealing design, and "hey, it's only $4.99!".

So, um, $800 later...Ow.

Here's a loose representation of me, after an hour of assembling Ikea furniture, as well as hanging art and/or other assorted wall mounted paraphenlia in a 100 yr old apartment, where the walls are not drywall with studs, but plaster:
This would be the antidote:

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Ian C. said...

dude! sweet amp!

not only was it probably made right in yorkville while neil & gordon sat in a go go bar down the street and smoked some primo grass. but it's got 8"'ers in it too! nice! tight & bright i bet? did you get to use on the new tracks?