Friday July 21st

So, this could go down in history as one of the worst organized gigs EVER. See that poster over there? It's only got two bands listed on it, right? How does 5 grab you? Found out the night before the show. Was told that we didn't have to bring bass rig or drums. We show up for the gig and not only is that not established (The Amber Room graciously allowed everyone to use their stuff. By the way, they were great, you should check them out if/when you can), but no one has been told who is going on when. When I asked the booker (who should really not advise people he is a booker, considering the state of things, he is really JUST a bartender that called up a bunch of bands) what was going on, he told us to figure out who goes on. He was really UNCONCERNED. I and the other bands were quite amazed. So, I took over, worked out who was on when, who was supplying what, and got things rolling. I told the other bands "Hey, you know what? We'll do another gig sometime, and I'LL book it, and that way you'll know when you're on." Hmmm, so why did we only make $20? We brought out approx. 15 people, at $5 a head. If the "booker" was taking a rake, as already stated, he sure as hell shouldn't have, since I basically did his job for him. And if Steam Whistle Brewery is sponsoring these "O'Gradys Indie Fridays", where was their visibility? The 5 free beers we were given unceremoniously in the middle of a song? For all I knew, someone in the audience bought us a beer. I didn't twig until the next morning that it was part of the evenings festivities. I haven't decided whether or not to write the President of Steamwhistle (who I have conversed with off and on, via email, over the last few years) to let him know how his brand is being represented. I just may. Anyway, the gig went pretty well. We played our new songs, and we're REALLY loving them, and the crowd seemed to like them too.

Heh, I did something stupid and lightly sprained my wrist playing one of those video boxing games prior to the gig. Oh, and the bar is not wired with three pronged outlets either, so the grounding was horrible. Everytime I switched pickups (aka touched a piece of metal) with my mouth against the mic (aka completed the circuit), my head filled with white static and I
twitched involuntarily . So, between the looks of pain on my face from playing guitar with a sprained wrist (thank god it was my strumming hand), and the contortions from being electrocuted, I must've appeared quite the artsy-fartsy-really-getting-into-it lead singer.

In short, if you're a local indie band reading this, only play O'Gradys if you can be in control of how it's booked. And bring a ground adapter. And only do this during the U of T year.


Anonymous said...

definitely won't be able to make it out tonight however I might actually be in London for your gig so make sure you keep me updated where that's at if it goes down.

brokenengine said...

So far not looking good for the London gig. Things keep getting promising and then falling through. Oh well, looking fwd to booking some shows out of town in the fall though...

Ian C. said...

being u of t engineering alumni i was really surprised to hear o'grady's was doing live bands. that place in t-i-n-y. no ground's on their plugs? thats like a dead guitar player waiting to happen. glad you took it over. sucks that it had to happen that way.

i will say: when school is in session that place is rammed with students.