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I just thought of something...

If Portugal meets Italy in the World Cup Final, we could possibly see history...

I don't think anyone has ever taken a dive during a penalty shoot out.



Ok, there is some justice in this world. Portugal are defeated by France, who scored on a penalty kick, and the call was REALLY bullshit, a blatant dive. As much as I HATE that style of play, I have to say to Portugal: "Live by the sword, die by the sword". Many of my neighbours in Little Portugal were out and about last night, trying to shake it off, and you could see on their faces, they knew it too. A sort of bemused half-smile. I was consoling, shaking hands, hugging people, etc. My next door neighbour, who had consoled me when England lost, was the best: "There's a little vindication there, isn't there?" hahaha yeah, a little.

Check out Parkdale Pictures for a report on how strong Italy is. Or, at least, how strong they think they are.

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Anonymous said...

I see Italy wiping the mud with Portugal. That's my vision, and I'm sticking to it.