New Blogger On The Block

Thursday July 27, at 3:05pm, Kristie Knight (nee McColl) gave birth to a 9lb 1oz baby boy. He was named Maxwell Alexander Knight. He is perfect.

Baby and Mom are doing fine. So is Dad. We couldn't be happier!

: This : is the Flickr set that will be dedicated to Max. I'll have to reorganize so that Nisha can have her own, as well as Family, band, etc.


Ian C. said...

sweet. i'm the first in blogger land to say:


very exciting.

Anonymous said...

congrats !

You two are going to make great parents and I'm very excited for you !

love, crash and janine

Anonymous said...

wow! Congrats to you both dude. You deserve much happiness

Jesse said...

Oh Man! How crazy! Who'd have thought, all those years ago, that I'd be using 'the internet' to congratulate you on the birth of your second child. I figured it'd be at least six or seven by now!

I tease you because I love you! Congratulations my man! Suzanne and I are still on the road, but we'll be back soon and we'll come and pinch some cheeks before you know it!

Anonymous said...


Van-Nasty said...

woot woot!
congrats bud.

brokenengine said...

Thanks Guys!