The result of yesterdays World Cup Quarterfinal between England & Portugal does not reflect the true winners.

All the people in my hood that are honking horns and waving flags are deluded. You have NOTHING to be proud about. Your team dove and cheated your way to this win. Even after your Argentinian referee put England down to ten men, you still needed to dive, and cheat, and have a VERY obvious penalty in the 18 yrd box disallowed. The list goes on after that as well.

This years world cup competition is dead to me. The Portuguese team should be sanctioned by FIFA, lest they singlehandedly sully the good name of The World Cup.

The people that are honking horns should be hanging their heads in shame. If your team represents you and your country, it was not a favourable representation at all.


(I never thought I would EVER say that. How Horrible)

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Ian C. said...

i know jack about football and even i thought the portugese team played like a bunch of faries. what was with that red card they gave terry at center field after the portugese guy tripped over him and got his balls mashed? just stupid.