At 4am yesterday morning...

Me: zzzZZZzzz ** wha-? Whats up?
Kristie: Max won't go to sleep. He's fussy.
Me: Uuugh. Um...get the thing. The rack...that thing...
Kristie: ....???
Me: Y'know...the thing...that rack...it's under the bed...
Kristie: The IS no "under the bed".
Me: Come to think of it, it's under the crib.
Kristie: What the hell are you talking about?!
Me: Come on! Y'know! The RACK! It's like the dish rack, but for babies!
Kristie: WHAT?! HAHAHA!
Me: Oh come ON! You KNOW what I'm talking about!
Kristie: hahahaha *gasp* No, I'm pretty sure you're dreaming hahahaha
Me: Hmmmm. You could be right. zzzZZZzzz

I hope the moron gene skips a generation.

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