Wow, so the last three weeks have seemed all like one looong day.

Max and Mommy are doing great. We're starting to notice a personality, as much as you can deem one from a 3 week old. He's a hoot though. He's learning to sleep through the night, although right now, he wants to be held. So, since I'm now back at work, Kristie is getting VERY interrupted sleep. I help as much as I can, but daddy's gotta bring home the bacon.

Daddy is also going to record an album called "Moronic songs I made up on the spot for my son", including the sure to be hit "Bum Change Jamboree":

"Lets all go to the bum change jamboree!
Lets all go to the bum change jamboree!
We're gonna wipe down your bum
and get a fresh diaper from your mooooooooom
Lets all go to the bum change jamboree!"

Daddy also HAS to stop referring to himself as "Daddy", in the third person.

So, just some random thoughts about what-have-you since Max was born:

  • Attention would be fathers: If you are in the delivery room when your child is born, keep your eyes on the baby when he/she is delivered. Resist the urge to glance back and witness what follows the baby out. Trust me on this.
  • Don't be surprised if the doctor pulls your childs head and shoulders out of your wife/gf, and then hands an arm to each of you and says "Pull!" Because, damn, I sure was. And as surreal as that was for me, I can't imagine what it's like for a woman to actually pull a nine pound baby from her crotch. Like, the woman's been through enough "Special New Experiences" already, dontcha think? Lets not completely twist her noodle, thanks.
  • Breastfeeding is a total drag. If men had to do it, the human race surely would have perished long ago. Seriously, it sucks as bad as the contractions. Except you know the contractions will be over in the next day. Breastfeeing goes on for MONTHS.
  • In case I wasn't clear, my wife is my hero.
  • Max was born on the day of +nurse's El Mocambo show for Viruszine. Only under extreme circumstances do I cancel a gig at the last minute. This certainly qualified, but as it turned out, I was able to play the show. After being awake for 32 hours, I left the my wife and child sleeping in the hospital, went home and showered, and stumbled to the bar. Played a show that, by all accounts, was quite good, although I don't remember much. Got off stage, did a quick interview for the local independant paper "The Downtown Grapevine"(keep an eye out for it), and immediately went back to the hospital. Let it never be said that I am not all that is Rock. However, we sadly were unable to play LJ's Rack-n-Roll gig that Saturday. Sorry LJ. :(
  • Speaking of LJ, she's taking time off from the music biz for family reasons, so she's not our manager anymore. This sucks, since we really liked working with her, although we of course do not begrudge her in the slightest. So, if any readers out there know of a manager that wants to take on a very "low key, not a lot of work necessary" band, let me know.
  • +nurse is heading back into the studio the 2nd week of September. We recorded a couple of months ago, and then realized that those songs don't really do us justice anymore. So, back we go. And I'm FAR more excited to record the new stuff. I can hardly wait!
  • Apparently we now have 12 planets in our Solar System. Everything you learned in public school is false. Stay tuned for more revisions, like "Flossing actually causes gum cancer", "No one in history has ever used algebraic geometry", and "Whale shit has a half life akin to plutonium".

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Bum change huh, that craazy. Keep up the good work. I will be back to see how things are goin. Very unigue site. Thanks for the view inside