Right, so, I shouldn't leave you hanging(as if you cared!).

We went to see this house. The owner had talked to Kris and told her all sorts of nonsense about how he just wanted the right people to take over the house, and that they would do whatever they could for the "right family". It really sounded like the house was his baby and he just wanted the right people to take it over. He offered to cover any down payment, rent to own, etc etc. SOunded like a sweet deal.

Well, the house was cute and nice, but SMALL. Smaller than our two bedroom apartment. Nice big back yard, but kind of overgrown. Absolutely no curb appeal.

I asked what the asking price was, and he said they wanted $265k. Not outragerous byu current Toronto prices, but pretty steep for the size of place.

Kris and I discussed that it was just too small, at any price. So, we decided no. On our way back to the TTC, we noticed another, much bigger & with more curb appeal, house a block away for sale. I called the Realtor and asked them to get back to me with an asking price.

When we got home, we leafed through a real estate listing and discovered another house a block away, and also bigger, going for $219k. And then the realtor called me back about the 2nd house, and said they were asking $280k.

So, I guess "The right family" actually = "Suckers". I wasn't aware of that...


me said...

yeah. i mean, my brother and his wife bought a small one bedroom, two level dealy at coxwell/danforth for $145k, so 265K sounds pretty outrageous for something that is seemingly too small for you guys. as in...it's probably the same size as my bro's place. make sense?

good luck, guys! :)

brokenengine said...

Yeah, I keep hearing about stuff that makes me think this guys is retarded.

Thanks for the good luck wishes! Did you see Vannasty when she was here? She didn't even email me. :(

Ian C. said...

you're renewing my faith in homeownership in this city though. i thought anything habital started at $300k and went up from there. especially around the danforth/coxwell area...