Studio8! Studio8! Studio8!

Holy crap! We've found where we'll be doing all our future recording, and it's with Jeff at Studio8!We LOVED our day of recording with Jeff; he's brilliant! Unlike other engineers we've worked with, he treated the "one day" session like he was producing an album. He was involved, made suggestions,
took initiative.

We are SO pleased with how it turned out, and it's not even 100% done yet. Although, he works FAST, so it almost is! We got all the tracking and most of the mixing done for 4 tracks in about 12 hours. WOW!
Of course, it helps that, for some fortuitous reason, we were all TOTALLY on our game yesterday, and nailed each song in no more than 5 passes each. No one took for than 5 takes for any part on any song, all day. Incredible!

If you're recording, you really should contact Jeff at Studio8.ca
And hear the new (albeit, unmastered) tunes on Our Myspace Page!

Simon and I are control freaks, but felt so comfortable, we took a little nap!

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