5 Songs

Jill has issued a challenge to her friends, so here’s my response… The first 5 songs in my ROKR E1, as selected by random (this isn't as drastic a swing between genres as others, because the ROKR only holds 100 songs):

"Munich" - Editors

This band has been called "Interpol UK", and I can't say I disagree. Happily, I really like Interpol, and I REALLY like Editors. But it's true: They won't win any points for originality.

"Reptilia" - The Strokes

I used to hate The Strokes. I got so sick of "Last Night" being played everywhere, and the infernal hype machine. I mean, they were cool, but not "THE GREATEST BAND EVER" as so many people wanted to make them out to be. Then, my buddy Pat put this song on a birthday compilation he made for me. And I really really liked it. So, I bought the album this song comes from "Room on Fire". And now I'm a fan.

"Water Boy" - Imperial Teen

"Who?", you're probably saying. I know. This band was formed by Roddy Bottom, the keyboard player from Faith No More. They don't sound anything like Faith No More. I couldn't possibly describe their sound. It's rock. It's punk. It's pop. It has elements of The Mama's & The Papa's, for Gods sakes. "Water Boy" is certainly one of their most punky tracks.

"Pinned Together, Falling Apart" - The Dears

What can I say? I <3 this record. Even my mom likes The Dears. Whats not to like? Which is funny for me to say, since this band also falls under the category of "Bands I used to hate and now really really like". What can I say, they grew on me.

"Take You On A Cruise" -

To me, the best song from their best album. I really like about half the songs on their first album Turn On The Bright Lights, and I like about 2/3 of the songs from Antics, which is where this track comes from. I love how the delayed guitars play off of each other, and how the break the song down in the middle, and all come in on the one. Goosebumps, every time.

I don't know though. Maybe I'm getting over my love for this band? Which is funny, because my particular style of guitar playing is very reminiscent of them. And I don't TRY to sound that way, I just do. Which tells me something: The guitar players in Interpol aren't very good! HAHAHAHA! But still, they're very tasty and catchy, and thats all you need really.


Anonymous said...

Nice! Thanks for playing. (I left more comments already back on my blog, then realized I probably should have said something here...)

Anonymous said...

Nice new look for the site, BTW. I've been reading you on RSS, so I haven't seen it in the flesh in a while.

brokenengine said...

Thanks Jill! I moved over to Blogger Beta, and figured I'd change things up a bit...

By the way, are you and Les free on Friday Oct 20th?(See the poster, top right hand corner)