Kristie took Max to her family's for the weekend, so I've been solo. Gave me a chance to get some sleep, and get some "Tim Time".

Last night, I went up to Joey's house, and played poker until 3am. I was $40 up at one point, but since it's a friendly game, I played really loose after that, and ended up $5 ahead. Which is how it should be when friends play together, sez me.

Went downtown at 3 today, and met Rose from p0isson.com, to pick up the buttons they made us. Then I went over to see my old friend Caryn, who I have just recently got back in touch with, after over 2 years. Great to hang out with her, catch up, play with her 3 legged dog Parker.

Around 6, I was looking for something to do, but everyone was already busy. So, I went to see Jackass 2. It's exactly what you would expect from the Jackass sequel; more of the same. You laugh, you cringe, you envision the future and imminent obituaries. When leaving the movie, I bumped into Raymi and Phil of bloggerverse fame, who had also watched the same film (although, I think they enjoyed it more than I did). Raymi seemed upset that I introduced myself to Phil first, but if she reads this, I have an explanation: If it hadn't been you guys, I couldn't be accused of making some lame pickup line, a la "don't I know you from somewhere?" if I asked if Phil was named Phil.

Finally, I went to Clintons to see a band called The Rural Alberta Advantage. One of the columnists on BlogTO (or Torontoist, I forget) had raved about them some time ago, and since it's down the street from my house, I went to check them out. Sorry, I gotta call it like I see it, and this shouldn't be seen as "a dis": they were just ok. The lead singer was ok, the backup singer/percussionist had kind of a sweet voice, the drummer was pretty friggin wicked, by far the most impressive member of the band. But they are in DIRE DIRE need of a bass player. With no low end, the songs sounded really empty and disjointed, which was sad, because I could tell there were pretty good songs there, begging to be heard. But they way they were presented tonight, I wasn't feeling it, and I can't see why anyone else would've; it's not so much a taste thing as it is a songcraft thing. But what do I know? Anyway, there's bass on their recordings, so I wonder if they usually play with one? Although, their myspace site says there's only three members, so I doubt it. I hope they get one, because it would make a world of difference.

So, now I'm at home, about to go to bed, and looking forward to rehearsal tomorrow. We've been hammering out a really cool (IMO) new song, and I really want to get it finished by Friday.

And what I'm really looking forward to is having my family back home. It's strange how lonely I feel after only a couple of days. I miss them like crazy!


Px said...

we should have checked RAA out but we accidentally had pints at the horseshoe and got tired. the end.

Ian C. said...

tsk...you should have come to one of our shows! why gamble with precious free time like that? your buddy LJ was at the hard rock show friday. nice lady. had a great chat. and last night at rockie raccoon's was smoking. the crowd was big and into it.

Raymi Lauren said...

oh ok i get it.

brokenengine said...

I wasn't free on Friday night. Where is "Rocky Raccoons"?

Ian C. said...

"where is rockie raccoon's" -- we were asking ourselves the same question as we drove up and down yonge street trying to find the place on saturday night. it's a little upstairs pub that smells funky but has way cool owners who treat bands really well. it looked like a total crap gig when we showed up but ending up being a super awesome night with tons of people and a really great bar staff feeding and watering us all night. it's nights like saturday that i'm gonna miss...

you should play there. tell the owners (anisa (sp?) and serge) that ian from the apollo effect sent you.

rockie raccoons
2579 yonge street (map)