TML: In Case You Missed It

I'm adding a new element to the blog. Over on the right hand side, you'll see a box that tells you the results of the previous evenings Toronto Maple Leafs game. For instance, the buds looked good for 25 minutes tonight, but ultimately lost 4-1 to the hated Ottawa Senators (Seriously Ian, how do you play gigs in Ottawa and not get in constant fights?). Anyway, now when you look at this blog after a Leafs game, you'll see whether the guys won or lost...

Comme ca:
Or, Comme ca:

Here's some shots of Max and I, watching Max's first hockey game. Well, I did most of the watching, he took care of the gurgling, squirming and, sleeping.

Yes, my eyes do look that bad right now. I'm tired. And the skin under my eyes has got really really dry, for some reason. Yeah, it's really attractive. I'm working on it. Please, look away. LOOK AT THE BABY! THE BABY!

Oh, I almost forgot! My brother Rob and his Wife Kathy sent Max a Vancouver Canucks sleeper. Kristie waited until I was out of the house before she put it on him. AND HE THREW UP ON IT, TWICE! ATTABOY!


sneaks said...

what's with the porn star facial hair???

brokenengine said...

I think you've answered your own question there.

Ian C. said...

damn cute!

and honestly, it's a war. my parents are in ottawa and defected to the sens when the team came back from the dead and i tell you play off season is pretty much a "don't call me because i don't want to to talk to your sens-loving asses anyway" type of situation.

it's hard being the spawn of insanity.

oh, and we have one sens fan in the office and goddamn i hate it when the leafs lose like this to the sens 'cause now i've got hear about it all. day. long. argh.

Ian C. said...

bah! stupid office sens fan -- he called in SICK today 'cause he knew a 6-0 shutout is waaaayyy better than a 5-1 win! :-)

brokenengine said...

Oh thats totally lame!